Reunion with awards in Reunion letterman sweaters

As “The Lettermen” Jim Pike, the founder of the original Lettermen group, and Gary Pike, Jim’s brother, had an unprecedented (46) forty-six consecutive hit record ALBUMS on Billboard Magazine’s national charts, twenty (20) hit singles, two gold singles, TONS OF GOLD RECORD ALBUMS, five Grammy nominations, and have sold to date over $100 MILLION worth of records, tapes and CD’s worldwide. In October 2001 Jim and Gary as “The Lettermen”, were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame. 

Billboard Magazine, the standard of the recording industry, referred to Jim and Gary Pike in their former group as “The Greatest Romantic Vocal Group of All Time!” When it comes to having a track record of hits, and backing it up with stellar live performance, these guys are “legends”. And the Legend continues as REUNION!


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And, the legend continues...